Today in  Nigeria,  almost everyone is online on different social media platforms such as Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, and others. The majority of people especially the youths are so addicted to these online spaces that they can’t live without it, unfortunately, they make improper and wrong use of these spaces without them knowing that they can actually create sustainable solutions using this online space when used effectively.

Have you ever thought of how you can make some real money online using these social media and other online space?  I guess you have not,  well if you have any profitable skill/ talent that you would want to monetize and also let the world know about it. If your answer is Yes, then this online business stuff is meant for you, instead of whiling away time doing nothing than scrolling through other people’s pictures and post why not package and market your skills online as a form of business in which you can earn from. Here is the list of online businesses that one can start in Nigeria:

  1. Professional blogging: Blogging is one of the lucrative business, one can start in Nigeria. It only requires that you get the right audience and niche that the people you are targeting will benefit from. Nowadays,  people can blog about so many things ranging from cooking, politic, education, technology, etc whichever one you have passion and interest in. You can start earning from blogging as the traffic of people who visit your blog increase then you can now apply for Google Adsense program whereby Google will start paying you.
  2. E-commerce: E-commerce is what we refer to as the market of the internet where various products and services are being sold. It is also called online shopping or drop shipping. All you need for this business is to, first of all, have a product /service which you can render to people online, then have a website which will serve as your online shop but if you can’t afford to own a website at the moment you can use other online shops such as Amazon, Jumina,  Clickbanks and many other.  As your traffic increases and your sakes go up you will earn more.
  3. Social Media Management: Do you know that today, there are thousands of high profile individuals and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) that requires the services of a social media manager to manage their social media pages by providing contents, influences, promotions, marketing strategies, and a lot more to enable them to maintain the growth of their brands.  So if you are creative and skillful enough you can become social media manager for brands.
  4. Graphic designing / Photography: With just a good phone, one can start up a graphic designing/ photography business.  You can design stuff like posters, flyers, billboards, invitation cards, etc for different occasions and events with just Apps like Canva and post them online so that people will get to know you as a designer and contact you for the designs and logo.  Secondly, you can sell pictures online by taking great pictures and upload them on photo-sharing websites and thereby earning money from every download of your pictures e.g Shutterstock.
  5. Online Teaching: If you are knowledgeable enough about something, you can document them in form of an e-book, PDF, video, etc and upload them to online teaching platform Such as teachable, udemy, skillshare where students pay to enroll for your course and in turn, you get paid for such services.

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